Magical Candle Sets
Magical Candle Sets

Magical Candle Sets

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This is a very special and unique set of candles. On our Instagram we set up a vote for what scents people wanted to put together, we mixed the winning scents and have now put them together in themed sets. 

You will receive three 3oz Travel Tin candles Each candle is hand poured soy wax in a reusable matte black tin with a wood wick. These candles have a 12-14 hour burn time.  


This set is scents that remind us of the happiest place on earth. They are each reminiscent of a place or ride within the parks.

Candle one: (Pirates) Bourbon, Sandalwood Vanilla, Oakmoss and Cedar

Candle two: (Main Street) Cinnamon Vanilla, Almond Biscotti and French Vanilla

Candle three: (Soarin) Gardenia, Vanilla, Oakmoss and Amber