Cursed Rose Candle + Pin Set
Cursed Rose Candle + Pin Set
Cursed Rose Candle + Pin Set

Cursed Rose Candle + Pin Set

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 On March 6, 1692, Sarah Good was one of the first three women to be accused of witchcraft in Salem. Good was of a lower economic status, reduced to poverty due to the debt of her first husband. Accusers at the trials, especially in the trial of Sarah Good, often cited jealousy and envy as explanations for witches' discontent and anger. Her dependency on neighbors and others perpetuated suspicions of Good, and other dependent women like Good, that they were practicing witchcraft. She was accused by her neighbors because she challenged Puritan values. She was accused of possessing two women; the afflictions were often sporadic and inexplicable.
Sarah Good was hanged along with four other women convicted of witchcraft. While the other four quietly awaited execution, Good firmly proclaimed her innocence. The Rev. Nicholas Noyes was persistent, but unsuccessful, in his attempts to force Good to confess. When she was found guilty by the judges, including Noyes, she yelled to him: "I'm no more a witch than you are a wizard, and if you take away my life God will give you blood to drink". 25 years later, Noyes died from choking on his own blood.
Good was pregnant at the time of her arrest and gave birth in her cell in the jail in Ipswich. The infant died before her mother was hanged.
One of the accusers, Elizabeth Hubbard, claimed Sarah Good had appeared on her table, naked. In a room full of people only Elizabeth Hubbard claimed to see her and called out "There stands Sarah Good stands upon the table by you...with all her naked breasts and barefooted, barelegged, Oh, nasty slut. If I had something, I would kill her"

She was hanged on July 29, 1692
This is a tribute to all women who don't behave as expected.


Our candle for this season is a heady rose and herb scent. It's like walking in an English garden. 

This 8oz candle is hand-poured soy wax in a reusable tin. Our candles have a 30 hour burn time. Each candle comes with an exclusive variant of our "Oh Nasty Slut" Pin. This pin is only available with these candles. Candles come in gold and silver tins you will receive your color at random.



The pin is IN the candle. You must burn down the candle to get the pin. 

Epoxy Dome

1.37" x .25" inches

Two Black Rubber Attachments