Seconds for Amy

Seconds for Amy

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On November 19th, 2018 our friend Amy was involved in a life changing car accident. She was driving to pick up her 8 year old daughter and was T-Boned by a Chevy Silverado pulling a 5th wheel driving at 65 MPH.  She was air lifted to the hospital and is in Critical Condition and in a Coma.  

Amy Sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury. She has been diagnosed with a Diffuse Axonal Injury of the mid brain stem. She has been given a less than 50% chance of waking up and recovering. However, we are hopeful and believe she will overcome this.  So much financial support is needed as Amy and her husband are facing medical bills that will be in the millions. Her loving husband Jon has taken a leave of absence from his job to be at home with their 8 year old daughter who is home schooled and to be at the hospital everyday for Amy in the hopes that he can be her long term care giver if she pulls through this. So many things are uncertain at this point but the one thing we know is that the road is going to be very long. We would appreciate any support that you can give. You can find her gofundme here:

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