Summer Solstice Room Spray + Pin

Summer Solstice Room Spray + Pin

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The Summer Solstice is the tipping point of summer. The longest day of the year gives way to longer nights and we are as close to the sun as we'll be all year. It's a time for energy and celebration.

Our scent for this season is bright and fresh. It has hints of Citrus, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, and Peppermint mixing together for a refreshing spray. 

This 4oz spray is hand brewed with organic essential oils and distilled water. It is not tested on animals. We recommend a good shake to redistribute the oils before you spray. Each spray comes with an exclusive variant of our Planchette Pin. This pin is only available with our Summer Solstice Room Spray and Candles first.

You will receive one pin in one of four colors. Pins are chosen at random and you will not know the color variant until you open your package.