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A Rampant Hag Pin

A Rampant Hag Pin

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Martha Carrier was an outspoken woman. She had a keen sense of justice, and a sharp tongue. She took upon herself the care of the family farm after the death of her father and brothers and in the management of outside business dealings, she argued with neighbors when she suspected them of trying to cheat her and her husband. If the stories of witnesses can be believed, she had more than once threatened vengeance on persons she thought had cheated her husband in his dealings with them. Martha’s independent spirit and lack of submission seem to have quickly alienated her from the rest of the community.


On August 19, 1692, Martha was taken in the back of a cart to Gallows Hill in Salem. Jeering crowds lined the streets and gathered at the scaffold to witness the hanging of Martha. A testament to her courage, Martha Carrier maintained her innocence to the end. “I would rather die than confess a falsehood so filthy,” she shouted.

Cotton Mather was an observer at this hanging, and in his diary noted Martha Carrier as a "rampant hag" and possible "Queen of Hell."


This pin is a tribute to all women who don't behave as expected.


  • Epoxy Dome
  • 1.37" x .25" inches
  • Two Black Rubber Attachments



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