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Phantom Feline Candle

Phantom Feline Candle

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We moved into a home that came with its own ghost, a ghost cat. When we thought about the best ways to communicate with the phantom feline and let it know it was welcome to stay we thought a candle might do the trick!


This candle is full of scents cats love and puts them into the air. Don’t worry! It won’t attract your living cats to the candle, instead it fills the air with the smell of Catnip, Camomile, Mint and Basil. It diffuses the smell into the air. Your cats aren’t going to want to roll around in the candle.


For us humans these scents are bright and fresh like an herb garden.

The Large Smoke Glass Jar is a 10oz candle with hand poured soy wax in a reusable glass container with a wood wick. These candles have a 75-80 hour burn time.  


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