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The High Priestess Pin

The High Priestess Pin

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The High Priestess sits in front of a thin veil decorated with pomegranates. The veil represents the separate conscious and subconscious realms, the seen and the unseen. The pomegranates on the veil are a symbol of abundance, fertility and the divine feminine.

On either side of The High Priestess stand two pillars, marking the entrance to this mystical temple. One pillar is black with the letter B (Boaz, meaning ‘in his strength’) and the other is white with the letter J (Jachin, meaning ‘he will establish’). The black and white colors of the pillars symbolize duality, masculine and feminine, darkness and light. The card represents Intuition, sacred knowledge, divine feminine, the subconscious mind.


  • Spinning Pillars 
  • Rhinestone Pomegranates
  • Pearlescent Details
  • 2 inches  X 1.12 inches 
  • Two black rubber attachments 


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