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Wink Pin

Wink Pin

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A special pin inspired by a 1970s dinnerware.
  • 2" inches 
  • Hard enamel 
  • 2 Yellow Rubber Attachments

We also offer a Flawed version. These are items that have flaws and imperfections. They are not perfect pins. The flawed versions are all silver. The pin mold was defected on the right side and there are dents present on the silver pins.


Back in the days of Blogger and Wordpress when everyone had a blog I ran a (now defunct) blog called "The Thrift Collective". It was a collaborative blog where people posted stories about their second hand finds and thrifting adventures. One of my thrift finds was a sweet little glass with a very mod winking sun on it. It had no maker's mark or any information and because of that was very hard (damn near impossible) to search for on ebay or etsy.
With the help of The Thrift Collective and it's readers I found more and more pieces until finally one had a name on it. It became a little easier to hunt down and then one very kind reader found a book with a pitcher on a kitchen counter that had that same image and that it came from a department store. From there I was able to track down the 1972 Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog and it finally gave the collection a name.
Now, I don't want to seem like I'm responsible for every etsy and ebay seller who currently has one of these in their shop and is able to identify it but...I mean...
So years after I've completed my collection of all the cups, mugs, plates, pitchers and trays I am putting out this fantastic graphic as a pin. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!
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